Supporting pollinators, plants and people for a sustainable future


Our mission:

  • Replace fears with facts about honeybees and masonbees
  • Offer programs and resources to
    • Improve pollinator health
    • Improve human health through bee goods
    • Reduce food insecurity
    • Advocate for a toxin-free / bee-supportive metro environment and culture
    • Save wild hives from structures

In Spring we:

  • Catch swarms
  • Start new hives
  • Manage last years’ hives from swarming
  • Teach year 1 classes to track hive build up
  • Teach year 2 classes to manage hive swarms and practice queen rearing
  • Do outreach at schools and organizations

Masonbee Homes

Clear window lets viewers see egg laying; pollen, nectar and mud gathering. May also attract resin and leaf-cutter bees.

Swarm Catching Class

Register today Classes in March and April 2015!

Better Bee Genes Project & Bee-cause

Together making better bees.

Be a Beekeeper

In Depth / 4 Sessions March 24 or April 7th 2015

The best for your health from our bees

All proceeds support our in-school bee education projects

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