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Feb Specials
Be a Beekeeper series  - expanded course for 2016
Order your local swarm and hive for March-to-May pick up or delivery.
Now and near future to-dos

Right now. Current beekeepers.
Watch for flying above 55 degs.
How to test and feed light but alive hives.
How to prep dead hives for attracting new bees in spring.

By Feb 28
Masonbees. Order an Urban Bees and Gardens masonbee home. Lots of pollinating. Near sting-free. easy open / replace tubes.

By March 30
Get your bee gear. Our own hybrid Lang wooden ware and swarm tools.
Bee classes. Catch swarms. Newbee. Swarm control.

Masonbee Homes

Clear window lets viewers see egg laying; pollen, nectar and mud gathering. May also attract resin and leaf-cutter bees.

Swarm Catching Class

Register today Classes in March and April 2015!

Better Bee Genes Project & Bee-cause

Together making better bees.

Be a Beekeeper

In Depth / 4 Sessions March 24 or April 7th 2015

The best for your health from our bees

All proceeds support our in-school bee education projects

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